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    26 Fun Facts About Pets

    26 Fun Facts About Pets - Buddy & Luna

    Interesting Tidbits You Might Not Have Known

    Pets that have been domesticated are complicated animals. Have you ever pondered why they behave the way they do? Your cat seems intelligent, but how good is his memory? Why is it that your dog constantly manages to outpace you? Is it just your mind, or does your bird appear to be always eating? Here are a few fascinating facts that will keep you thinking.

    Fun Facts About Dogs

    • Dogs only sweat from the soles of their feet, and panting is their only means of releasing heat.
    • Dogs have over a hundred distinct facial emotions, the majority of which are created with their ears.
    • Dogs have roughly ten different vocal sounds.
    • An appendix is not found in dogs.
    • There are around 350 distinct dog breeds in the world.
    • Dalmatians are born spotless, and their spots develop as they get older.
    • Dogs aren't colorblind, contrary to common perception; they can perceive hues of blue, yellow, green, and grey. In a dog's eyesight, the colour red registers on a grayscale.
    • When running at full speed, most domestic dogs can attain speeds of up to nineteen miles per hour.
    • Experiments have demonstrated that dogs can pinpoint the source of a sound in 6/100ths of a second using their swivelling ears as radar dishes.

    Fun Facts About Cats

    • Cats have no sweat glands.
    • A cat's leap may be up to seven times its own height.
    • Each front paw of a cat has five toes, but only four toes on each rear paw.
    • Cats have over a hundred vocal sounds, but dogs only have approximately ten.
    • A kindle is a group of kittens, whereas a clowder is a group of adult cats.
    • An adult cat can sprint at about thirty miles per hour and run at roughly 12 miles per hour.
    • The papillae—tiny raised rearward hooks that help keep prey in place—line the cat's tongue, making it scratchy.
    • Each cat's nose pad includes ridges in a unique pattern, similar to a person's fingerprints.
    • The skeleton of a cat includes more than 230 bones (compared to 206 in a person), and the pelvis and shoulders are only loosely attached to the spine. This increases their adaptability and helps them to pass through tight areas.

    Exotic Pets and Birds Fun Facts

    • Every bird must consume at least half of its body weight in food each day in order to live. 
    • While sleeping, a bird's heart beats 400 times each minute.
    • More than 60 million pet birds are owned by Americans.
    • Macaws and cockatoos live for more than 75 years.
    • Many hamsters blink with just one eye open at a time.
    • Iguanas can hold their breath for up to 30 minutes.
    • A garter snake may have 85 offspring at a time.
    • Ferrets are presently the third most popular pet in the United States. In the United States, an estimated eight to ten million ferrets are kept as pets.